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DV read to me
I don't usually jump on bandwagons, but this takes the biscuit :

A lady in Queensland is trying to get a campervan company to erase the disgusting slogans painted on their vans. It beggars belief. Apparently we're still living in the 14th century...well, Queensland is, anyway.

New Stargate anthology

Hard to believe but it's been 10 years since the first Stargate novel was published by Fandemonium. To celebrate, they are putting together an anthology of SG-1 and Atlantis short stories by some of their favourite authors; and I'm honoured to be included. My effort will be an SG-1 story called Draw Down The Moon. Here is the list of the contributors:


Announcing our very first anthology of STARGATE SG-1 and STARGATE ATLANTIS short stories – Far Horizons.  Available this fall, and with contributions from Stargate novelists old and new, Far Horizons will take you through the Stargate to the furthest reaches of both the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies.

We’re thrilled that these fantastic authors are contributing to Far Horizons:

Sabina C. Bauer – STARGATE SG-1: When On Earth

Diana Dru Botsford – STARGATE SG-1: Perceptions

Keith De Candidio – STARGATE SG-1: Time Keeps on Slippin’...

Sally Malcolm – STARGATE SG-1: Off-balance

Suzanne Wood – STARGATE SG-1: Draw Down the Moon

Geonn Cannon – STARGATE ATLANTIS: Pleasure Cruise

Peter Evans – STARGATE ATLANTIS: Bone Music

Jo Graham – STARGATE ATLANTIS: A Blade of Atlantis

Amy Griswold – STARGATE ATLANTIS: Consort

Melissa Scott – STARGATE ATLANTIS: Close Quarters

Far Horizons will be available this fall in eBook and print formats.


Here we go again.

We've had a stinky hot summer, five or so days of 40 or over and hardly any rain since before Christmas. The bush and countryside is parched dry and now we've got the day with huge gusty winds, first from the north and now swinging in from the south-southeast.  70 fires have sprung up all over the state today to add to those that have been burning already for the last couple of weeks. There is a huge one raging in Gisborne now, it switches directions willy nilly and has already claimed houses and a winery. Closer to home (5Km away) a big blaze started south of Warrandyte. It moved east then turned and headed north through thickly forested areas with a lot of homes. Some have been lost and the fire is still going. But the good thing is, so far, nobody has died and many people heeded the warnings and evacuated when they could.  Gippsland has a number of enormous fires going, one is even in the open cut coal mine at Yallorn where the power plants that supply the entire state are situated.

It's five years and one day since Black Saturday.


Welcome to one of the most dangerous countries in the world!


Seriously?  Yahoo7 - get thee to an editing skool.


'in the hopes'...
Not even gonna mention the other.
As the might Jack O'Neill would say: Oy.
Some days you cook a dish that turns out yummier than expected. Instead of scribbling it down and forgetting where I put it, I'm going to post it, and other weird creations of mine. Tonight's effort: Lentil and veggie tian, based on a Gabriel Gate recipe from last year's Tour de France.
Cook up a pile of red lentils in veggie stock. I used half a 375g bag. They're pretty much cooked when the water's boiled over the top of the pot and the lentils are near to mushy.
Butter a casserole or pie dish (yeah, yeah, should use olive oil but couldn't afford it this month)
When the lentils have cooled somewhat, spoon them into the dish.
In the meantime, chop a big onion (or two smaller ones) and fry in a bit of butter (or oil). Add a few sliced baby carrots and half (or however much you want) a capsicum, sliced or chopped. i used a yellow capsicum, they're nice and sweet.
The lentils looked a bit boring by themselves - tasted yum though - so I chopped up a stick of celery and a big spring onion and mixed them into the lentils, topped with a good shake of ground pepper and some lemon myrtle (an Aussie herb, gorgeous. Lemon thyme would do too.)
So, the onion, carrot and capsicum are nicely cooked up - spoon them over the lentils. Top with slices of zucchini and tomatoes - I used kumatos which are a green and red tomato, very nice.
Top with grated cheese and some dukkha.  Cook in oven for about 40 mins, 180 degrees.

I had mine with a slice of teriyaki tofu - supurb!  189

Out of work (nearly) again...

guac anguish
It's been ages since I posted a post. Been busy with two nights a week studying for a Diploma in professional writing and editing. Work - that nice job at a wonderful company full of caring people - has degenerated over the last two years into a hateful grind, under the thumb of a bullying sociopath. Years of poor leadership and worse decisions saw boss #2 overthrown by a cunning, nasty, nasty man. His only way to save money was to fire half the staff, and not in a nice way. They were picked off, like a vulture circling over the weakest, and thrown out with no notice and a form-written email as an epitaph. I especially hate him for Georgie - 16 years of service and loved by everyone - I had to run down the road to say goodbye to her, and my good friend Maggie, equally loved by staff and customers (not by the psycho), whose inconceivable treatment lead to a year-long breakdown for her.

Early this year we suddenly had hope - the owners got sick of years of no profit (and I'm sure tales of the psycho's increasingly erratic behaviour got back to them) and he was out on 'early retirement'. Yay we thought. But, nobody replaced him. The owners decided to rule from afar (Asia) and we kept on with doing our best. I even exceeded the ridiculous budget target the psycho had set (oh, wow, what a great job you did - not). Then, Friday week ago, the owners decended with strangers in tow, and declare it's in voluntary administration, which means not quite bankrupt but not enough cash to keep on. Ironically it was the Aussie directors who pulled out, not the Asian ones. So, spent last week clearing out my desk, waiting for news. Suppliers immediately cut us off, customers mostly likewise, the administrators put it up for sale and don't anticipate anyone wanting the whole business. Nobody is hopeful we'll be there past this week. Only thing to be grateful is that the government will cover us for any entitlements the company can't pay. It's a sad, shameful end for a 60 year old company that is about the last library supplier that was Australian owned and operated.

On the bright side, I'll get a decent payout this time, and will have time to write. And it's the time of La Tour - the magnificent French countryside is all over my big (upaid for) telly, and my fluffy puppy is asleep at my feet. Things could be worse!

Greenpeace petition - save our birds!

Yet another example of the bastardry of big business - Coca Cola is trying to stop the Northern Territory government, and by extension the rest of the country, from implementing a buy back scheme for drink containers. It's boggling how a simple initiative that would only benefit the environment and every living thing in it can be held to ransom by these people who are so desparate to cling to their billions. Please sign the petition:

Blessings upon you!

Sabat, epilogue



It had been so long since he’d used a Stargate, he forgot to breathe out before going in. When the three of them emerged, he choked and spluttered, letting Jack and Sabire guide him across sun-warmed stone. They sat him down on the dais’ edge.

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Sabat, chapter two


Chapter Two




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The Sun On The Horizon - it's finished.

So, here it is. Done and polished. Hope I've picked up all the typos. I release my baby to the winds and hope it finds favour with my dear readers.

The Sun On The Horizon.
Book Four.

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Blerk. Here we go again, hot hot hot day all over the country. Perth has had a week of 40+ temperatures, Adelaide got to 45 today, we had 41 and Hobart had 42 - an all time record for them. Fires are going in most states, but Tassie is copping it hard this time. Even though it's the middle of the night they are issuing warnings for evacuations in towns around Hobart with many areas declared it's too late to leave, more than 80 homes are gone. Hundreds of people are on a beach waiting for evacuation on the peninsula where Port Arthur is, it's cut off by road and power. This is summer holiday time so there'll be a lot of tourists and holidaymakers. They're saying temperatures were recorded up to 55C at the front of the fire at Dunalley.

The ABC has a running blog

This pic is pretty striking - Hobart jan 4 2013
It's four years since Black Saturday and for a lot of people the memories are still too fresh. Hope this toll this time is nothing like that one.
Last chapter of N'Has'y is done and up : The Circle Closes.

Read at my website, or AO3

The final chapter, Sabat will be shorter and hopefully appearing a lot quicker than the last one!



Finally, my head is back in a functioning mode. I've finished the last chapter of N'Has'y. Just need to type it up and post it. Two more chapters and the whole thing will be done and over. Maybe by Christmas...


Starting all over again

So, all the cool kids have left lj and I'm trailing along behind to DW, finding some familiar names and a whole slew of new fic and stuff. I'll mirror my lj posts over here when I work out how.

Germain Greer on 50 Shades

Dancing Daniel
On a live Q&A show tonight: 'I've been asked to review it at least ten times.'
Presenter: 'It's actually three books.'
GG: 'Is it? Oh, shit...'

And in discussing how technology is enabling the ability of writers to collaborate, another panellist mentioned fan fic and how it is encouraged by the internet... Heh. I wanted to point out that fic started back in the 70s when the highest point of tech was a roneo machine (I don't even know how to spell that!)


Colorado Springs has a special place in the hearts of Stargate fans, and it's in a bad way at the moment. I was reading Carol Berg's website today - she lives in CS - and she mentioned the massive wildfires raging so close to the city. Hundreds of homes have been lost already, thousands of people evacuated. They say the fires are the worst ever experienced there. The Air Force Academy is evacuating cadets, too. The pictures on the Colorado Springs Gazette site are scarily all too similar to the Black Saturday fires here of 2009.

This photo of Colorado Springs reminds me of the one taken close to my home on Black Saturday:
Colorado Springs fires

Holy shakin' walls, Batman!

less than brilliant
An hour or so ago we had an actual, real earthquake. I was putting rubbish in the bin in the laundry and there was this rumble on the roof. I thought it was possums playing chasey, which they do sometimes, but it went on and on and the washing machine started vibrating, the floor too, the wall shook and the tiles on the roof sounded like there was an elephant playing chasey on it.  Turns out it was a 5.2 mag earthquake - the biggest ever felt in Melbourne. We don't get earthquakes. Don't like earthquakes...  It was scary enough with that much shaking - can't imagine what a full-on one would be like. Oy. What's with lj - can't get a cursor to show, can't get a carriage return for a new paragraph... World's gone mad!

eta - 5.3 mag - biggest quake in over 100 years.! Woohoo!

My puppy ate my fic

Omg, I'd forgotten how all-consuming puppies are. I had planned to do the final chapter of N'Has'y in April, but then this turned up...


Meet Honey. She's a cavoodle. She's doubled in size since this photo - hopefully she'll stop growing soon!

Ficcieness will resume when the pooing, piddling, chewing, running, jumping, munching etc subsides. :)


dial home
Nearly 14,000 for this one, bigger than I expected. That just leaves the final chapter to do, yay!

Chapter Ten, Kemyt and Abdjeu

There was a slithery, slurping noise, and there he was: tall, lanky frame, silver hair, sardonic smile, P-90 and tac vest incongruously over jeans and his best fishing shirt. He paused for a moment, eyes raking over the square and the hundreds of gaping onlookers. ‘We come in peace. Take me to your leader!’

Read here on my website.


3,000 words in a day, not bad!

I love RDOs! Added 3,000 words to ye olde storey today. Jumping between Jack, Daniel and George, which is great fun. And have inserted Sam and Skaara into a very small tunnel. :-) This thing writes itself, well, if you don't count the decade thinking about it... Ahem. And if it wasn't, I'd be very, very worried.


Approximately ten years ago, possibly longer but I'm not going to look any harder, I started a story about Daniel getting kidnapped off Earth and having a few adventures. Ups and downs and a few other things happened along the way, but I finally got to write the moment when Daniel makes contact with the SGC again. Hurrah!! The end of the story is in sight, and it's a nice feeling. The best part of this story has been plotting and imagining all the scenes, coming up with every way it could work or not work, and having new ideas present themselves at just the right moment to make a chapter really sing. It's fun, dammit.


Wind battered Daniel’s face, errant grains of sand scored his cheeks, his hair whipped across his glasses and flailed his ears. He couldn’t hear much, talk even less: every sound he made was snatched away and flung far behind. His body bounced and jarred, collecting bruises with every passing moment – and he loved it all. He gunned the ‘ped harder, caroomed over a grassy hillock and soared down the other side, inertial dampers taking the landing in their stride. The smile etched on his face widened even further. Ahead and to the side other ‘pedders flanked him, racing home to the caravan with the setting sun warming their backs.

This one is too long for lj, read on my website here:


Dancing Daniel
It's been a while, but the story is never out of my head, and I finally feel like working on it again. Daniel's pulled himself together with the support of his new found friends and they are travelling towards the main city in the hope of finding the Stargate. This chapter is a day off from the journey.



Well, almost. A pre-dawn lightening of the horizon heralded another scorching day. The lights blazing around the clan’s caravans parked along the river bank cast long, eerie shadows before Daniel as he ambled through the tall palms and scattered clumps of thigh-high grasses. His path took him away from camp, along a dried-up creek running into the main river body.

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My sun, my moon, my everything.

used to that
Molly, aged 14 and three quarters.

Gone to play with cousin Sophie in heaven. She gave me so much, asked only for cuddles and a chicken dinner in return.
She was the biggest part of my life, my best friend. I don't know what I'll do without her.

Thank you, Boo.

Nite nite.


A writerly day

Love cold, wet, windy days. There's no guilt at sitting in bed all day with a warm puppy, and just writing, writing, writing. Got 2000 words done of the second last chapter of N'Has'y. Woot!

Chapter eight is done. Just needs some polishing up.

Got on with chapter nine today. We're back on Tsydon. I really do like that planet. And now Jack's there, huntin' Gooold. He had a nice long conversation with Ba'al, which was much fun.

Final chapter in this book will be number ten, and hopefully the lot will be done by Christmas. Pray for rain!

Prime Suspect, the US version

Just watched the US version of Prime Suspect. Having been a huge fan of the original series I was hoping this new one would be as good, but... a bit meh really. One of the best things about the original of course is Helen Mirren, and that she portrayed Jane Tennison as a real woman - flawed, intelligent, perceptive, hard and vulnerable. And she dressed like a woman.

So, of course the US version - Jane Timoney (don't like that name) - is decked out like all the other lead female characters in US cop shows (Closer fantastically excepted): immitation male clothing, black, pants, totally devoid of feminity. This one even has a hat like the chap from White Collar. She solves the crime in a flash too. Not the four hour intricately plotted story of old, no the US solves the crime in under an hour. Very disappointing. And she does it mostly from a tip off and a chase. All the scattered clues of the old story that were pieced together so carefully, were either tossed off in a brief mention or missing completely in this version. Such a shame, because the George Marlow story was so intriguing. I've watched it several times and it pulls me in each time.

Why is it the US shows have to deliver everything in such formulaic blandness, neatly tied up and completed in 42.5 minutes? They have such potential, but so often miss the mark of being really good. And the accents of the supporting characters were so thick they were almost unintelligible. Ah well.


N'Has'y progress


Sat in bed today and scribbled out 1600 words. Yay! And Daniel finally got to where he was going and found something he's been looking for for quite some time. Clevah boy that he is.

Met an idol today

stars above me
It's not very often you get to meet in the flesh someone you've admired for, oh, decade. Had my RDO today and went with mum and dad into the city for Morning Melodies. Peter Cousens gave a concert of Great Love Songs, and he was just heavenly. Peter is one of our major stage stars, featured in all the biggies - Marius from Les Mis, Raoul in Phantom, Phantom himself, Aspects of Love, Nankie Poo in Mikado, and many many more. His voice is divine, such clear diction and he pours his heart and soul into everything he sings. He's our Michael Ball. And to boot, he's a lovely guy, has three girls called Rose, Daisy and Marigold! and sponsors a program to prevent violence against women.

After the concert he announced there would be cds for sale in the foyer and asked if anyone could give him a hand selling them because his helper had been detained. When we got out there he was doing the selling and signing on his own, so I volunteered and spent a fun half hour taking money and handing over cds while listening to people talk to Peter and compliment him, sometimes gush over him. He was so pleased to talk to everyone and thanked them all for their nice words - such a gentleman. And at the end he gave me a big hug and a kiss and thanked me profusely for helping him out - I couldn't be more happy to help out this gorgeous handsome, lovely man who's given me so many wonderful evenings of entertainment. He gave me two cds for free, too. What a guy!

Remembering ten years ago

Robin home
It's 20 past ten pm, September 9th. Exactly ten years since... I vividly remember that night. Was watching telly, ten minutes till my program ended and they broke in with a news bulletin. Sandra Sully on channel 10. Just sitting agog, chilled. at first they said it was an accident but when they showed the plane you knew it was deliberate. Rang mum and dad, got them out of bed. Rang my sister, knew she was upset about her boyfriend leaving but told her she needed to see what was happening. She said what channel is it on? I said any one, all of them. That's so clear. And then a bit later Sandra Sully was talking and behind her the monitor was showing live footage, and the tower began to fall and she didn't know, she just kept talking about something else as it fell behind her. Remember silly things you say - 'but there's people in there'.

Now watching the extraordinary doco 9/11 filmed by two French documentarists who were with a fire company on the day.

Here's to the heroes, the lost and the survivors, both from the day and the ten years of wars.


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