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Leonard Nimoy has moved on, gone to join De and Jimmy. I had just got in the car and was driving up the street. The radio people were talking about 'his' last tweet, signed off with LL&P. I pulled over, disbelieving, knowing who they were talking about.


By playing an alien on a tv show, Leonard Nimoy brought the best of humanity to us. He showed us a future filled with not just exploration, new worlds and new adventures, but an evolution of intelligent life to a place where peace and cooperation are foremost. Leonard took a divided alien character and made him into an icon that many have looked up to and been inspired by, and will continue to do so for a very long time to come.

I loved his little quirks of humour, the way he could niggle at Bill and De to bring out a laugh, particularly in the middle of a serious scene. Star Trek was the first science fiction I came across, and decades later the wonder of the original show and the books inspired by it still has not faded. I'm sitting here watching City on the Edge of Forever and again am choked up with emotion in the final scenes - 'He knows, Doctor, he knows...' These people, these actors who brought the characters to life, they are why Star Trek has been so consistently popular, so loved for such a long time. Not the wobbly sets, not the plastic props - the characters given life by the actors.

So, thanks for sharing yourself with us, Leonard. Fair journey to you.


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